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12 SEO Copywriting Tips That Yield Immediate Results – Podcast #2

Writing for the web requires a different approach when compared to writing for print. Here are some SEO copywriting tips to help you write better web copy that helps you rank better within the search engines.

Web copy is short and directly to the point with fewer words. Ideas are expressed in shorter paragraphs and shorter sentences. The big difference is in the use of keywords which are typically used as a central theme in the body of the copy, in the page headline and in the use of hyperlinks. The idea is that targeted keyword phrases are mixed into the marketing text for search engines to notice important phrases.

SEO Copywriting1. Keywords

The main keyword phrase should be used up at least 3 times. Once in the headline, once in the first paragraph and once in the anchor text that will be hyperlinked to another relevant page on your site. Secondary keywords should be used 1-2 times.  Conversely, do not “stuff” your content with keywords and over-saturate your copy.  Ultimately, your copy should make sense and be relevant.

2. Three seconds!

First impressions are critical. Internet users are active, not passive. It only takes 3 seconds to attract a reader.  Users will immediately go away from your site if they don’t find what they’re looking for.

3. Plan of action

It’s a great idea to map out the sales process and then write the message that you want to send across.

4. State the benefits

Products are created with specific benefits and they’re often presented as features.  In some cases, sold out benefits will do the selling of you products.

5. Get their attention

Upon landing in your webpage, your readers should immediately see your sales pitch, your offer and your order button. Grab the moment, don’t give them time to scroll down or switch pages.

6. Headline

The headline captures your reader’s attention.  It gives idea of something worth discovering. It makes or breaks your effort of attracting readers. Make the headline captivating. It’s the powerful part of your text.

7. Moderate Amount of Text

A readable web page should have at least 300 words of text though, 400-word copy is much better. Slice your content into small paragraphs, bullet points, or an ordered list (like this article), so your readers can easily absorb it.

8. Easy to Read

Your SEO copy should be organized and presented in sub-headlines, lists, images, colors, italics and indented text.

9. Expect Questions

Give more emphasis on the benefits and answer the potential questions of your visitors such as “So, what’s in it for me?”, “What am I doing here?”, “How do I do it?”, and “Where can I go next?”.

10. Support what you say

Web visitors are intelligent, they can sense if you’re simply promoting something. To be more believable, you have to support you claims. Your sources need to be referenced.

11. Call to action.

Never end your message without asking them to action. State a single action for visitors to do. For example: Have questions? If you need answers call, email, or click on live chat or simply yet, directly stating it with “Buy now!”.

12. Start with an impact and finish with an impact

While you need to capture their attention upon landing, the battle isn’t over yet, not until you’ve finished it with an impact. In this case, you need to reserve the best at the beginning and the end. This is one of the most helpful SEO copywriting tips to remember when writing copies for the web.

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