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Getting More Traffic with Google+ – Podcast Episode #7

By on July 14th, 2014
Google Plus For Dentists

Digital Strategies for Small Business Podcast Episode #7

Google Plus For Dentists

Hey everybody, today’s subject is getting more traffic with Google+.

First off, lets discuss why I am choosing google+. Did you know they now have over 1.1 BILLION users? This is not people telling each other what they had to eat or drink today… it is people sharing ideas, information and recommendations. The average G+ users spends almost 7 minutes a day… which isn’t a lot, but it is valuable when they are.

Obviously google likes its own properties, so links are good and so is having your profile there. If you haven’t setup authorship yet… this is the first step. If you need help, just call or email me.

How to do it:

  • Setup your account – Here is my profile if you want to be in my circle.
  • Find relevant communities (preferably larger groups)
  • Create your content that you plan to share. I like to share my dental blog posts, podcasts, images, etc.
  • Add content –
    1. Make sure you write an engaging description of your content and link to it.
    2. Always use images, preferably something eye catching. Think of who your audience is, and figure out what they would like to see.
    3. Use hashtags. I need to be better at this too.
    4. Make sure you are only sharing valuable content. Don’t spam.
    5. Be active and share other people’s content too. If you want to become an authority, a good rule of thumb is try to share 2-3 pieces of content of other people for every 1 piece of content of your own. This shows you aren’t just selling your services.
    6. Make sure you +1 and comment on other peoples shared content.
  • Bonus tip… rumor has it that sharing at 8:30am and 2:30p will get you the best results.

And that is today’s marketing thought.

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