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7 Productivity Tips Including Multitasking Test – Podcast Episode: #5

By on May 21st, 2014
multitasking test

In our 5th episode of the Digital Strategies For Small Business Podcast, we discuss 7 productivity tips in 7 minutes, including a multitasking test that you are going to fail!!

multitasking test

Today’s Subject is  7 Productivity Tips In 7 Minutes

  1. Tackle the hardest projects first each day.
  2. Focus 25% of your day on the most important tasks for the day
    1. This should never be more than 3 things
  3. Use a task planner to lay out your weekly and daily goals
    1. Create this every Friday so you come to work with a plan next week
    2. Edit this on a daily basis (instead of getting on Social Media)
    3. Make sure that you keep your priority goals on top each day
    4. Assume each task will take longer than it should.  It usually does and this allows time for the unexpected.
  4. Bunch up similar activities when possible
    1. Create Phone Jam times to handle all your calls
    2. Deal with all emails all at once then get offline
  5. Turn off “Email alerts”.
  6. Work from zero inbox if possible.  This means once you open an email, address it and clear it out if possible.  Don’t leave it sitting in your inbox.  If you can’t deal with it now, file it away and add it to future tasks lists.
  7. Stop multitasking.  This is never faster.  Want proof?  Time yourself doing this test.  Start the clock and on one line write out the word multitasking and then on second line write a number under each letter of the word multitasking.  So for this example, multitasking is 12 letters, so you would write in order 1-12.  Stop the clock.  Now, to see if your brain works better and faster as a multitasker do this.   Start the clock and using two lines, write the word multitasking out again, but after you write each letter, write the corresponding number below it.  So it would be M, then 1 below.  Then U, then 2 below.  And so on.  If you are just as fast… you are a multitasker.  If not… then stop trying to multitask.  You are only slowing yourself down.  This one tip can likely save at least 15-30 minutes of your time each day.  And that adds up fast.

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