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Using PR To Get More Calls, More Clients, More Profit – Podcast Episode #6

By on July 11th, 2014
Alex Kerr - Before and After

Digital Strategies for Small Business Podcast Episode #6

Hey everybody,

A few important notes before we hit the podcast topic.  Jason and I are going to try our best to increase the amount of podcasts we put out, and speed up the lag time in between them.

Currently, the plan is to do a “marketing” oriented thought for you to easily digest every couple of days.  Sometimes this will be daily, sometimes 1x per week… but the goal is to give you quick and valuable information that you can apply to your practice/business quickly and easily.

If you don’t like the format, or have any other questions or concerns… please don’t hesitate to reach out to us or comment below.

Today I wanted to share a story I found in many sites on the web, but here is one of the websites: Original Story Here

It’s about how a doctor changed a young woman’s life, by working for free.  Do you think the PR helped him to get more calls, more clients, more profit?  I do.  And I bet you will too once you hear this.

The doctor’s name is Dr. Wynand de Jeger, which I may or may not have mispronounced in the podcast.  He helped a 20 year old girl named Alex Kerr who had been in a cycling accident that took out her front teeth.

What have you or your staff done lately to help grow your practice/business by giving back to the community?

Alex Kerr - Before and After

This is a great PR story, and should make you think about how you can impact your community by doing something positive.

Hope you enjoy the quick podcast.

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