Email Marketing and Design

Staying in Touch With Your Customers

Email Marketing is another great tool to stay in touch with your customers and deliver them specials offers, events, and products. Not only can we can ensure that your email design is done well, but we make sure that its content is fully optimized for search engine value. You’ll rest easy knowing that your emails are working twice as hard as other emails, delivering relevant content to your customers while getting you ranked higher in the search engines. Don’t have the time to write your email content? We provide SEO copywriting services and can write your email content that fits with your company’s identity and message.

List building

We provide consultation and development for email marketing list building based on best practices. Maintaining or building an email list is largely dependent on two factors:

  • Engaging users to opt-in to your list and making them feel comfortable doing so
  • Sending them relevant content on an acceptable timeline that ensures that they do not opt-out of your list

Ask about our landing page design packages for custom list building web applications focused on one of your current promotions.

Email Marketing Services

Whether you are looking to market to an existing email list of customers or looking to build a new opt-in email list, Roja can provide the tools to get your email marketing campaign into gear. It’s not enough to have a list though. You need an email that’s designed effectively with the primary goal of encouraging click-throughs and driving users to your website and promotions.

What We Offer

We can help you find the right tools to design, deliver, and track your emails. Having tracking data is crucial to the continued success of your email marketing campaign. We can help you track how many emails were delivered, how many were marked as spam, how many were opened, and how many resulted in a click-through. We can even track which subject lines resulted in more click-throughs. This is one of the many great ways that you can use to optimize your email marketing campaign and increase click-throughs using metrics.

The Importance of Email Design

The user interface of your email design is crucial to an effective email marketing campaign. If email recipients don’t click your email, there’s a good chance that they were either not interested in what your email had to offer, or they could not find it quickly enough. As we become increasingly more and more dependent on email as a form of communication, our inboxes will continually overflow. It is imperative that a user be prompted to click-through an email in the first few seconds of opening it. We have the experience to design your emails in a way that promotes click-throughs, which results in increased exposure, conversions, and sales.

List building

Read more about how we can help you grow your email marketing list on our Email Marketing page.

Email Design Packages