Paid Search Management

Certified Pay Per Click Management Helps You Improve Your Search Engine Marketing Results

Roja provides leading pay per click management services (PPC) with an established reputation for our vast experience and expertise. Our experts provide customized PPC management solutions designed for your business success in a highly competitive marketplace. Whether you are looking to increase leads, clicks, visitors, or simply improve brand awareness, Roja will help you reach your goals.

PPC advertising lets you…

  • Create targeted ads specifically for people who are looking for your products and/or
  • Eliminate wasted advertising to users who aren’t likely to purchase from you
  • Maximize and track your return on your advertising investment

Advertising Solutions For Any Businesses

PPC is an efficient and effective online advertising strategy for businesses of all sizes. You can advertise by paying for ad clicks (CPC) or for impressions (CPM). You set your own CPC or CPM budgets, so you decide how much you’ll pay each time someone clicks or views your ad.

You are in charge!

There are no monthly minimums or maximums. We set up advertising strategies that work with your budget, not destroy it. Most importantly, pay per click advertising allows you to engage your potential customers at precisely the right moment when users are actively searching for information (keywords or content) related to your business. This intent based search behavior increases the opportunity for you to make sales.

As leaders in the search engine marketing industry, our PPC team is Google advertising certified and have experience with many second-tier search engines. The Roja team is also proficient with the latest industry technology and Google Analytics. Some of our management techniques include:

  • Bid Management
  • Full Transparency with your marketing dollars
  • A/B Ad Split Testing
  • Keyword Generation
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Website or Landing Page Optimization
  • Goal/Conversion/Revenue Tracking
  • Campaign Analysis and Optimization
  • Weekly/Monthly Reporting

Paid Search Management