Web Maintenance

Up-To-Date Information Means Happier Customers

We know firsthand that maintaining your website can get very time-consuming. Running a business is complex. Often times, taking the time to maintain and update your marketing materials such as your website gets pushed to the side.

Nonetheless, it’s extremely important to keep your website updated, especially as internet use becomes more widespread and consumers move away from more traditional means of finding information and toward using the internet to get what they need. We know firsthand that if we cannot quickly and easily find information we are looking for online, we quickly move on to the next business.

Furthermore, providing correct information actually increases profits. Are you a restaurant that doesn’t update your hours? You could not only be losing customers, but you could be indirectly generating bad reviews. Think of the consumer that sees that you close at 5:30pm on a Wednesday via your website and takes the time to visit your business at 5:15pm only to learn that you actually close at 5:00pm. Or the user that checks your Google Maps listing and travels to the wrong business address. Your customer’s time is their most valued asset and making the investment in keeping your website and your web content up-to-date means happier customers. And of course, happier customers equal more profits.

Our website maintenance services and packages start at $150 per month. Contact Us for a Free Maintenance Package Quote

We offer the following maintenance services…

  1. General website maintenance
  2. Planned website expansion (redeveloping your website over time based on your budget)
  3. Google maps updates
  4. Facebook updates
  5. Twitter Updates
  6. Other Social Media site maintenance

Website Maintenance Packages